Thursday, April 02, 2009

Shopping Inspiration

I have been searching the web for some fun accessories for a few upcoming weddings and events and came across some great clearance finds!

I am in love with these mobile strands, found at CB2 for $7.95 a strand. My mind is dancing thinking about how I can use them!

Also at CB2, I am diggin this Moroccan Dinnerware:
You might be seeing these soon. $9.95/piece at Pottery Barn.

These mossy spheres, also at Pottery Barn, would look so great as accent pieces at an outdoor, rustic or organic wedding.

These kill me. With the right theme, they would be so amazing with simple blooms.

I also am buying a Menorah from Crate and Barrel. Yep. A menorah. In April. For a pastor's wife. What can I say, it's  a good deal! (and I have been wanting one since the holidays- next year, we will honor my hubby's Jewish heritage and teach our son about God's deliverance of his people)

What have you been eyeing lately?


Simply Modern Weddings said...

oooh Courtney I was just looking at the blue and green mobile strands the other day...I LOVE those! Great find on those moss spheres, this would work well for a nature chic wedding!

carissa said...

OMG obsessed with ALL of the above! :) let's just throw a party for the heck of it so we can shop and write it off! oh wait, we ARE throwing a party for the heck of it! maybe now we need to officially say we are gonna use our design talents and forget this whole "low key" thing! HA!

My Sweet & Saucy said...

I love all of those finds! Great job!

Jodi {In Any Event} said...

Great post! CB2 is one of my favorite go-to places for accessories! They have amazing serving pieces in great colors and styles. I absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing your wonderful finds!

cHill Weddings, LLC said...

Those are great! I'm a new fan of awesome vases, with one stem of flower that has a great deal of pop. Ooh i love them!

"Apes" said...

I think I have found my new shopping place...CB2. ;D I love that last photo though!

Oh and I was flipping thru a wedding mag and saw another Joyful ad. ;D