Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Maternity pics!!

I'm so excited! A couple of weeks ago, the wonderful Jasmine Star came over and took some shots of me, David & my prego belly. We had such a great time playing in the nursery and loving on my belly.
When I got home last night, I was ecstatic to find an email from Jasmine, asking permission to blog some of the images. David and I love them and we watched the slideshow about 7 times before going to bed!

Here are a few of our favorites:

I am such a sucker for little boy shoes... I've already bought more than I probably should :) Also, you will notice in the top right hand corner- a little bit of blue & gold pride. Yep- Isaiah already has his first UCLA outfit!

To see more, check out Jasmine's blog. There is also a slideshow of more of pics- to see it, click here.

Jasmine, thank you so much for your incredible gift! We will treasure these pictures as they capture the excitement & joy we are feeling throughout this unique time in our lives. Thanks again friend!

*Side note: Doctor called yesterday and she thinks he will fit! :) So, no C-section for now. By the way, I feel a little weird posting pictures of myself on my blog... but I figured you'd enjoy seeing how big my belly is and that you would appreciate Jasmine's beautiful work.

More details from Jen & Greg's wedding

Here are a few more detail shots from the June wedding of my dear friends, Jen & Greg. These were taken by the incredible Jasmine Star. For more info on vendors & venues, see my previous post about their wedding.

Jasmine even caught a ridiculous one of me & my hubby heating up the dance floor. He looks about 17 in this picture :)

Monday, September 24, 2007


Hello everyone. Just wanted to remind everyone that the wonderful Jenetta is giving away a free wedding photography package to one lucky couple.

The deadine for submissions is this coming weekend- so be sure to check out her blog and this info to find out how to apply.

Here are a few of Jenetta's beautiful photos from recent weddings:

Monday, September 17, 2007

More details from past weddings

I love the photographers I work with. Not only are they incredible to my clients and take amazing photos, they are so good to me. They are so generous with their time & their photos and I often receive CD's in the mail with detail shots from my weddings. I love this!

I have received more detail photos from quite a few of my weddings from this past summer and I am excited to share them with you! I hope it gives you a little more insight into our weddings and I hope also that these photos are able to inspire you and give you ideas for your own weddings & events.

I am going to start with photos from Jessica & Christian's wedding. You can see my previous post about their retro backyard bbq themed wedding, including vendor & site info, here. Here are some more photos from Kim Fox, their amazing photographer:

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pregnancy update & prego pics!

We just got home from our all-day labor & delivery class. We are feeling overwhelmed, excited, tired, and educated. I cannot believe it is already so close- only 5 weeks to go!

We had a doctor's appointment yesterday and she is a bit concerned that our little man is big. Her reaction was actually, "Wow- he's really big". We are going in for an ultrasound next week to try to get a feel on how big he really is and then will hear what our options are from there. We'll keep everyone posted.

I am super excited because my friend, Jasmine Star, is going to be taking pregnancy pictures of me, david & my belly on monday! Beside my sadness that my first two stretch marks decided to show up this week, I am very stoked.

However- I am having a hard time deciding on what to wear & where we should take the pics. Any input? If there are any moms out there who have had pics taken, I'd love to hear what you did for your photos. Also, all of my photographer friends- I would love your insight on what you have found to look best. Thanks!!

Free Chick.Fil.A :)

I am not a big fast food eater... in fact, I hardly ever go through a drive thru. However, I have a love for Chick.Fil.A. Really yummy chicken sandwiches, the best sauce- honey roasted bbq sauce, tasty criss-cut fries, and even caffeine-free diet coke (enough to make this pregnant women smile!).

While watching the UCLA game today, my husband and I spotted an ad for Free Chicken & Coke. Woo~hoo! Chick.Fil.A are giving away free chicken sandwiches & drinks to the first million people to visit and fill out a quick survey. No strings attached. Yay! I love free things- especially free food.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Michelle becomes a Reider!

On labor day weekend, one of my dearest childhood & high school friends, Michelle, was married to the wonderful Jonathan. It was a fun wedding for me because I actually got to be a guest!! Besides bringing in my emergency kit and cutting the hanger loops off of Michelle's dress, I did not have to do a thing but enjoy.

Michelle looked beautiful and it was an incredibly heartfelt ceremony (Jonathan's dad, who is a pastor, married the two). The reception was a blast as well.

Here are some photos by Tammy at Red Loft Studios (I love these girls!):

They did such a great job of capturing Michelle's bubbly personality- I love these shots!

Some details:

Michelle & Jonathan: You are so special to me and it was so amazing to share in your wedding day with you. Thanks for letting me just be a guest! Many times it is hard for me to not be coordinating a friend's wedding because I love to be able to help, but it was such a gift for me to be able to take in every moment of your beautiful day. I love you guys and pray that God will bless your marriage greatly!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

2 years ago today...

I married the man of my dreams.

On a hill overlooking the city and beaches of San Clemente, we joined our two lives together as one and every day since then our love has only grown stronger and stronger.

I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband.

All photos by Laura Kleinhenz of Docuvitae.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hot days, swollen feet, happy weddings, almost there

6 1/2 weeks left until baby! These hot days have been no fun for my pregnant body and elephant sized ankles but I have been enjoying a little bit of rest now that my schedule has died down.

I had my last full-wedding weekend August 24th-25th with two incredible weddings. The first was the wedding of our good friends, Garret & Karyn at Casa Romantica. What a beautiful thing to be a part of! It was an interesting one as I was both in the wedding and planning it, not to mention being pregnant, and my husband was also the best man. So, it was a very meaningful wedding to us but also was on the exhausting side for my body :)

Here are a few pictures of Garret & Karyn, by the amazing Amy Squires. This was our first time working together and I was very excited about it as I have admired her work for a while now. She is so sweet & does an incredible job. Make sure to check out her blog. I was also stoked to work with the wonderful ladies of Flair once again. Everything was beautiful!

I especially love this first shot:

I will post detail shots once I receive them. Who knows? You might even get to see a pic of prego Courtney in a bridesmaid dress!

A bit thank you to Jordan, Darcie & Shannon for helping the day go smoothly. I would have been a mess without you guys!

The next day, Darcie and I headed up to The Island Hotel in Newport for the wedding of Carrie & Arnold. The Island used to be the 4 Seasons and had not seen the property since it had been renovated until this wedding. It is beautiful! One of the best catering staffs I have worked with as well. I will post photos and more details about the wedding once I get my hands on the photos.

So, what's my plan? I have one wedding at the end of September that Shannon is helping me with. I am very excited about it- it will be a fun one at Aliso Creek Inn. Other than that, I am still working, but am taking a break from weddings. Darcie will be picking up some weddings through the late fall and winter and then I will be back into action with an incredible wedding at Rancho Las Lomas in February. I'm not disappearing though- I am still booking for 2008 and am available for meetings. And you can always leave me a note or email to say hello!