Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hot days, swollen feet, happy weddings, almost there

6 1/2 weeks left until baby! These hot days have been no fun for my pregnant body and elephant sized ankles but I have been enjoying a little bit of rest now that my schedule has died down.

I had my last full-wedding weekend August 24th-25th with two incredible weddings. The first was the wedding of our good friends, Garret & Karyn at Casa Romantica. What a beautiful thing to be a part of! It was an interesting one as I was both in the wedding and planning it, not to mention being pregnant, and my husband was also the best man. So, it was a very meaningful wedding to us but also was on the exhausting side for my body :)

Here are a few pictures of Garret & Karyn, by the amazing Amy Squires. This was our first time working together and I was very excited about it as I have admired her work for a while now. She is so sweet & does an incredible job. Make sure to check out her blog. I was also stoked to work with the wonderful ladies of Flair once again. Everything was beautiful!

I especially love this first shot:

I will post detail shots once I receive them. Who knows? You might even get to see a pic of prego Courtney in a bridesmaid dress!

A bit thank you to Jordan, Darcie & Shannon for helping the day go smoothly. I would have been a mess without you guys!

The next day, Darcie and I headed up to The Island Hotel in Newport for the wedding of Carrie & Arnold. The Island used to be the 4 Seasons and had not seen the property since it had been renovated until this wedding. It is beautiful! One of the best catering staffs I have worked with as well. I will post photos and more details about the wedding once I get my hands on the photos.

So, what's my plan? I have one wedding at the end of September that Shannon is helping me with. I am very excited about it- it will be a fun one at Aliso Creek Inn. Other than that, I am still working, but am taking a break from weddings. Darcie will be picking up some weddings through the late fall and winter and then I will be back into action with an incredible wedding at Rancho Las Lomas in February. I'm not disappearing though- I am still booking for 2008 and am available for meetings. And you can always leave me a note or email to say hello!

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Rachel Shoemaker said...

I ran into your mom this past weekend in tall mouse! She was picking out fabrics for your baby's quilt! I love the colors you have chosen! You are in my prayers!