Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pregnancy update & prego pics!

We just got home from our all-day labor & delivery class. We are feeling overwhelmed, excited, tired, and educated. I cannot believe it is already so close- only 5 weeks to go!

We had a doctor's appointment yesterday and she is a bit concerned that our little man is big. Her reaction was actually, "Wow- he's really big". We are going in for an ultrasound next week to try to get a feel on how big he really is and then will hear what our options are from there. We'll keep everyone posted.

I am super excited because my friend, Jasmine Star, is going to be taking pregnancy pictures of me, david & my belly on monday! Beside my sadness that my first two stretch marks decided to show up this week, I am very stoked.

However- I am having a hard time deciding on what to wear & where we should take the pics. Any input? If there are any moms out there who have had pics taken, I'd love to hear what you did for your photos. Also, all of my photographer friends- I would love your insight on what you have found to look best. Thanks!!


Rachel Shoemaker said...

that is SO EXCITING! I think you should wear some sort of skirt and a snug fitting blouse (so you can see your tummy!) but, I really don't know, since I have never had kids :)

Laura R. said...

My friend who had her first baby at age 36(yay!) had hers done in-studio, in black-and-white photography, swathed in nothing but what looked like a Grecian-style toga or, for lack of a better description, a sheet...a little soft-focus and feminine, super tasteful and beautiful, not cheesy at all. The fabric gave the illusion of being sheer, but it wan't see-through, and it was pulled back to emphasize the baby belly. I hope I am not giving the wrong idea/picture in your mind! If you are interested, I could probably get a photo from her for you to see what I mean...