Thursday, September 13, 2007

Michelle becomes a Reider!

On labor day weekend, one of my dearest childhood & high school friends, Michelle, was married to the wonderful Jonathan. It was a fun wedding for me because I actually got to be a guest!! Besides bringing in my emergency kit and cutting the hanger loops off of Michelle's dress, I did not have to do a thing but enjoy.

Michelle looked beautiful and it was an incredibly heartfelt ceremony (Jonathan's dad, who is a pastor, married the two). The reception was a blast as well.

Here are some photos by Tammy at Red Loft Studios (I love these girls!):

They did such a great job of capturing Michelle's bubbly personality- I love these shots!

Some details:

Michelle & Jonathan: You are so special to me and it was so amazing to share in your wedding day with you. Thanks for letting me just be a guest! Many times it is hard for me to not be coordinating a friend's wedding because I love to be able to help, but it was such a gift for me to be able to take in every moment of your beautiful day. I love you guys and pray that God will bless your marriage greatly!

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