Saturday, September 15, 2007

Free Chick.Fil.A :)

I am not a big fast food eater... in fact, I hardly ever go through a drive thru. However, I have a love for Chick.Fil.A. Really yummy chicken sandwiches, the best sauce- honey roasted bbq sauce, tasty criss-cut fries, and even caffeine-free diet coke (enough to make this pregnant women smile!).

While watching the UCLA game today, my husband and I spotted an ad for Free Chicken & Coke. Woo~hoo! Chick.Fil.A are giving away free chicken sandwiches & drinks to the first million people to visit and fill out a quick survey. No strings attached. Yay! I love free things- especially free food.

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Ashley said...

OMG. Chik-Fil-A is the BEST! Definitely something I left behind in Texas. Unfortunately it's not widely available enough here.

We'll jump rope soon. You, me, and ISAIAH!

Love you! We'll catch up soon.