Monday, April 27, 2009

April Showers: Part 1

Can you believe that it is almost May? I am in a bit of shock over it. To celebrate the end of April, I am going to be doing a series this week called April Showers.

Definitely does not have anything to do with our weather here in Southern California: We have not had much of any showers this month- lots of summer weather. No complaints from me!

For a while now, I have been wanting to share some fun, creative, crafty and inexpensive bridal or baby shower ideas with you. The time has come!

I am going to start with a sweet bridal shower that I hosted for one of my dearest friends from college.

Brittany and Josh met in Japan and also got engaged in Japan a few years later. I wanted to incorporate that into the shower theme, while still keeping it cute and crafty. I shared the simple shower invites a couple of weeks ago.

Her wedding colors are turquoise and white (in Hawaii!!), so I wanted to use those and then throw in some red for fun.

Guests were welcome with some appetizers and timeline of Brittany and Josh's relationship in photos:

I made the centerpiece on this to mimic the cherry blossom design on the invitations. I used my Cricut to cut out different sizes of flowers and hot glued them on to sticks that my son and I gathered at the park.

Guests also were able to snack on some goodies on a Japanese candy table.
We had parasols available for guests if they wanted to shade themselves from the sun. We ended up placing one on the appetizer table to cover the fruit- cute and functional!

I am so bummed that I do not have great photos of the lunch area. The sun was right over head the patio cover, so there were shadows of the slats all over the tables. Here is what I got:
We hung lanterns in turquoise and red above the tables.

I used a different style of scrapbook paper for each of the three tables. Each table also had a trio of small vases filled with one type of flowers.

I found the Asian style vases at Pier 1- perfect colors!

I love these rectangular plates from Classic Party Rentals.  They also provided all glassware, flatware, linens and tables.

This one is actually a toothbrush holder!

For lunch, we served sushi, chicken teriyaki, edamame, and an Asian chicken salad. It was delicious! The sushi was from Todai restaurant, which was fun because Brit and Josh met working for Campus Crusade for Christ on the campus of Todai University.

For dessert (always the best part, in my book!), we served Chocolate, Strawberry & Green Tea Mochi (Japanese Ice Cream balls- purchased at Trader Joes) and adorable mini cupcakes made by Melody of Sweet and Saucy Shop.

Instead of playing a game, one of my friends taught everyone how to fold paper cranes. To make it special, we had everyone write a note of encouragement or prayer for the bride on the blank side and then fold their sheet of origami paper into the crane. She is going to open one every day leading up to the  wedding.
The beautiful bride, showing off her work mid-fold:
 My crane:
Me and the bride:
(Side note: I was so excited to wear my cute new dress that I got for a steal at Anthropologie!)

Stay tuned: I will have more great real showers, tip and ideas for you every day this week.


Sue Merrill said...

That was the cutest bridal shower ever! You are very talented and now of course your doing the flowers, how will we ever be referred again! :)LOL

Michelle @ My Wedding Report said...

Every detail of this shower is soo cute!! I just love your creativity! I especially love the cherry blossom branches made with the cricut! Are you surprised? :) What did you use to cut out the shape for all the different tags on the food? Is that a cartridge or a punch?

Now I can't wait to see what tomorrow's is!

Joyful Weddings and Events said...

Thanks for the sweet comments you two!

Don't worry sue- I would NEVER take on wedding flowers :)

Michelle- I used the accent essentials cartridge. That shape is one of my favorites. I use it for labels all the time.

My Sweet & Saucy said...

The details are just perfect Courtney! You always take a certain theme and incorporate it so well! I also have to say that I LOVE your dress...too cute!

Brittany Wong said...

I loved my bridal shower!!! It was so perfect and every part of it was so unique to my relationship with Josh. Everyone had great feedback from the decorations to the food. I am so thankful to have such a great wedding coordinator and friend. =)