Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April Showers: Part 4

I am back with more inspiration from Lindsey.

How cute is this shower invite she recently made?

I asked Lindsey to share some shower planning insight with us.

*How do you come up with a theme for a shower? 
i usually try to think of what the bride or mom-to-be likes and go from there.  sometimes i'll go with the colors or style of the wedding or baby's room.  but sometimes i totally deviate and just pick something cute, maybe something i've seen online.
*What is your favorite part of planning a shower?
i LOVE making the invites because i feel like it sets the mood for the shower.  it lets the guests know a little of what to expect, and hopefully gets them excited to attend.

*What has been your favorite theme of a shower you have helped plan?
tough question.... maybe the sweet baby shower i threw recently, because it really was so simple and VERY cost effective.

*How do you keep costs reasonable? 
i get help from friends.  i'm not so good at the food part and a good friend of mine is, so she handles that end so i can focus all my time on the fun little details.  because we entertain a lot, years ago we bought super inexpensive white dishes and silverware to serve 30, so i never have to buy plates or plastic ware (yuck).  i also save my spaghetti sauce/mason jars and use them as glasses with straws for almost every party we have.  you can't get cheaper than free!  and i also shop my house a lot.  i grab things from different rooms that fit the theme.

*What are your favorite games/activities to include in a shower?
i'm not a big fan of shower games, and i've found that not too many others are either.  this has been a bit if a relief for me as it takes another item off my list of to-do's.  but there are times when games are appropriate, like if many of the guests don't know each other, and a little game as a mixer can help out.  i've also done a craft at a shower before and it was a hit!  for a baby girl shower we made little ribbon covered barrettes.  simple things that require little skills are best.

*Do you have any secret sources of information for planning great showers or parties in general?
martha.  she's built an empire for a reason:  amazing ideas.  you can easily take her ideas and put your own twist on them, and she almost always lists her resources.  i also like to get baby shower ideas from bridal magazines.  think outside the box - baby showers don't have to have ducks and carriages.

*Any other tips or ideas for our readers? 
think of your guest of honor and what they are like, what they love and go from there.  start planning early so when you see things that may work for your party when you're at the dollar store, target, or the grocery store, you can start stock piling slowly and not be rushed at the last minute.  and if there is something you cannot find, start searching online.  something i love to do is find great fabric or paper to incorporate throughout the shower.  i like to carry little elements like a certain fabric through the invitations, favors, and decor.  little things like that make a shower seem more put together.

Thanks Linds! If you have not checked out her blog or shop, please give yourself an hour and get ready to be inspired!


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I am loving the ideas! and my fave is the crib.

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Well thought out post and informative. My sister went for the bounce house rental in Orange County. It was amazing, too!