Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Joyful Joyful #4: Keeping it in the Family

My brother and his family built their dream home a few years back. Every time I visit, I either want to steal it or move in. The house itself is lovely- the floorplan is very open and wonderful, but what takes it beyond amazing is my sister-in-law Lindsey's knack for decor.

I have posted before about her adorable flower pins & other handmade goods and today, I am going to pass on some of her Christmas decorating ideas. You are sure to be inspired!

Lindsay has amazing flea market finds that she has refurbished over the years. What she is great at is re-purposing them for holidays and parties. This is a huge Christmas decoration tip: Use what you have!  By throwing in a few ornaments, you've just made your everyday decor Christmas-y. She did this above in the lantern and below in her birdcages (which I would like to steal, by the way).

How adorable are those? I have to mention that she made all of those polka dot ornaments by sticking on glue dots and rolling in glitter.

She sticks them here, she sticks them there....

I could sit in front of her fireplace for days.

For more details and inspiration, be sure to check out her blog. While you are there, click on the link to her shop, The Pleated Poppy: lots of great stocking stuffers!


Melissa said...

Oh my gossssh! I love it all. I love her little silver cups. The urns, the bird bath, the mirror, the lantern! I have a lantern filled with ornaments at my house as well, I just added some pomegranates as well. I put a picture of it on my blog the other day:) So cute, thanks for sharing!

kristin said...

Wowsers, talk about inspiration! that tall bird cage with the ornaments trickling down is so fantastic, I want to steal the idea and do it with flowers!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?