Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Brown paper packages tied up with strings

This is why I love Anthropologie :

I once told my husband, David, that I wish my office could be in the middle of the store. I would have so much fresh inspiration! They are so creative with their design and packaging.  From their window displays, to the adorable vintage pieces they use to display their items in the store, to their tissue paper and now to their customer perks.

I received this adorable little package in the mail last month. It held a coupon for 15% off for my birthday. How sweet is that? If you are enrolled in their customer loyalty program (which is free- not a credit card) they send you this cute little guy for your birthday. Isn't that an incredible way to make a discount even better? They understand what every wedding planner knows: it is all in the details.

I thought it could not get any better. Until my birthday. My husband surprised me with a couple of super cute items from Anthropologie and look how they came:

That is the box and box that you get from the store for any purchase. Free! How amazing is that? I am definitely saving the bands and reusing them.  Wouldn't it be cute to incorporate buttons into your Christmas wrapping?

Oh, Anthropologie, if you keep being so amazing, how will I ever say no?


Meg said...

Oh meeeeeeeeee too- I am inspired the moment I walk INTO the store and then continually inspired by their catalogs, packaging, etc. It's rare to have corporate companies so artful. Agreed!! :)

Erin said...

someone brought a gift from Anthropologie to a gift exchange this week, so I snatched it up because I fell in love with the packaging! Then it got taken from me in the game and I was crushed!! I wanted that ribbon so bad!!

Melissa said...

I love Anthro too!!! I just bought a few gifts from there this week-and a few things from there on on my Christmas wishlist as well:)

Mark Brooke Photographers said...

Probably the RADEST packaging i have seen in a while!!!!!!!

Happy birthday and happy shopping!!