Saturday, December 20, 2008

Joyful Joyful #12: Sing We Now of Christmas

**Reminder: You have until 11:00 (pst) this  morning to enter our Target gift card giveaway.**

Every year of our marriage, my husband and I have recorded a 4-song Christmas album (we are now on our 4th). We include it with our Christmas card as a gift for family and friends. Since my husband is a songwriter and one of our greatest joys is singing together, it is a fun way to include use our passions at Christmas time. 

We would love to share this years music with you! You can hear it at: You will also find last year's songs on there. 

This year's album features:
*"Go Tell it on the Mountain"
*An original interlude
*"Rock of Ages" a Jewish song- A nod to David's Jewish heritage & the words are great!
*An awesome original song called "bright bright bright"

I hope you like it! 

If you would like an actual CD, leave a comment and let me know! You can also email me with your address: courtney at joyfulweddingsandevents dot com. They won't get in the mail until monday, but you should get them by wednesday then. 

1 comment:

Amanda Aur said...

Court, this is freaky. Josh, my sister, and I do this each year, too. But we do 3 or 4 songs and they're all classic hymns, per my parents' request.

How come we have so much in common?? Closet BFFs that grew up 20 minutes apart and never knew it.