Monday, December 22, 2008

Joyful Joyful #14: Say Hello to Friends You Know

I love paper. I love crafting with paper. Not scrapbooking (maybe if I had more time), but just creating things with paper. At Christmastime, I get so much joy out of creating my own Christmas Cards. Now, it is almost always a bad idea. Making 100 Christmas cards in the midst of the crazy season usually leads to stress, lack of time and sleep and many "why am I doing this" comments. However, when I am in the moment crafting and when I look at the finished product, I love that I handcraft them.

I tried to simplify this year: no eyelets, stamps, brads or sewing. Just paper, tape, glue and a few embellishments. And, of course, a super cute picture of my little man taken by the lovely Jenetta Penner .

They all were a little bit different, so I took a picture of a few different options:
When I ran out of paper, I came up with another quick design, using my Cricut. 

We added in our CD, stuck in the envelope, and off it went.

The cute address labels were a free download from Chewing the Cud . They are actually gift tags, so you can use them for wrapping your presents!

I also participated in the Brooklyn Bride Holiday Card Swap, for which I made 5 fun cards. Here is what I came up with:

I had so much fun making these and also receiving a few cards from random people around the word. That being said, I am glad that I am done making cards. Now on to gift wrap!

I would love to hear which design you like the best!


kristin said...

courtney- you are a domestic queen! i didn't even find the time to send out Christmas cards this year, and here you are a mom, and a Pastor's wife, with a career- and you still found time to make a stack of gorgeous cards. my faves are any of them that have birdies on them.

Megan said...

you are a brave woman taking on all those cards & cds! Love them...totally gorgeous! you are so talented.

JLP said...

so many pictures of isaiah :)


Simply Modern Weddings said...

so, so cute!

Kristen said...

i can't believe you made all your cards - impressive!

i loved our card... you did an awesome job. the cd is amazing. we have been listening to it daily. i love Go Tell It On the Mountain - maybe my favorite on the CD.