Thursday, January 08, 2009

Joyful Joyful #19: Remembering

I had so much fun with my Joyful Joyful series this year. I am already looking forward to next Christmas to post all of the fun ideas I did not get a chance to share this year. 

I am taking down my last Christmas decorations today (our dead tree is looking very sad... it has been a busy couple of weeks!) and thought I would share one last fun holiday idea. 

I decided to start a new tradition this year for my son. Every year, I am going to take a cute piece of scrapbook paper (about 3"x 8") and write down memories from that year's Christmas. I will turn each piece of paper into a link for a paper chain. Every year, I will add to it with special memories from that year. I thought this is a fun alternative to scrapbooking to remember Christmas moments from each age- quick, easy and it can be a decoration after a few years as well. How cool will it be for him to have that to look back on when he is grown? When we have other kids, I will make each of them their own as well.

Some things on this year's link are:
*Your favorite gift this year was the slide that santa brought you. It was all set up when we brought you down in the morning. It took you a little while to figure out how to do it, but after that, you would laugh every time you hit the bottom. You also loved the thrift store bought little cars from your sweet little old lady friend from church. Better than all of your light up, flashing, high tech toys.
*You did not attack the tree as much as we thought you would. You took a couple of ornaments off here and there, but overall did not have too much interest. We had very few ornaments from 3 feet down though, just in case! 
*When we first brought the tree home, you stared at it, then went and stole your dad's wallet, pulled out a credit card and proceeded to hit the branches of the Christmas tree with the credit card. We had no idea where you got this idea, but it was hilarious. 
*You loved to read your Christmas books. Especially "Spots First Christmas"
*You looked so cute in your Gingerbread men and Snowmen footy PJ's. 
*You did not know what to think about Santa. You did not cry, but did not want to sit on his lap for more than 5 seconds. You looked very cute in your picture with him- wearing your dapper 3 piece suit!
*You loved getting to play with all of your cousins for three days straight. I think that was the best gift of all! 

I am so excited to start this little tradition. Since I still cannot find my camera battery, I have no picture of it. Sorry about that! 

Thank you all who were supportive and encouraging of our Joyful Joyful series. We look forward to spreading some Christmas cheer again next year. Until then, we hope you will enjoy our year long wedding and party inspiration. 

Happy January!


CLR said...

That's an awesome idea, Courtney!! You are so creative!!

Hugs and kisses to you and your family!!

angel said...

this is a wonderful idea... so wonderful that i'll have to steal it when/if our own babies come along. ;-) xoxo

Miss Amelia said...

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