Monday, April 28, 2008

vendor spotlight: once upon a cupcake

If you have been to more than a couple of weeks in the past few years, chances are that you have seen some cupcakes. More popular than ever, cupcakes have made a name for themselves as a stand alone dessert for weddings, showers and parties.

Which is a-okay with me! I love cupcakes. I especially love cupcakes with style.

Sprinkle's simple modern designs have won over my heart.

I could eat and stare at Vanilla Bake Shop's cupcake babies every day.
*this shot is from one of my weddings :)

And another cupcake company has grabbed my attention with it's creativity: Once upon a cupcake.

A friend of a friend, Kelly, started selling her baked treasures out of her home in Orange County this past year. I have so enjoyed following her progress and seeing all of her new designs. She is truly a custom baker: she has a menu of flavor options but she can create any theme or design you want. Here is a sampling of some of the cupcakes she has created for parties and showers:

and my personal favorite, David & Goliath cupcakes! How hilarious are these?

Be sure to check her blog frequently as she is always posting new designs.

Kelly is starting to do weddings as well! Yum!


Anonymous said...
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"Apes" said...

I am soooo adding her on my blog list!!!

Kristen said...

Those cupcakes are great and look so yummy!

Shan said...

And they are seriously the best things I have ever eaten!!! Try the chocolate with peanut butter frosting or fresh strawberry with strawberry frosting - both my favorites!!

Simply Modern Weddings said...

I totally love cupcakes!

JLP said...

so cute!!