Monday, April 14, 2008

More photos from Shelley & Brett's wedding!

I absolutely love getting mail! Not email (well, yes I do love getting email too) but real, hold-in-my-hands, open-it-up, make-me-feel-special mail in my mailbox. *hint, hint to anyone that wants to mail me something! :)

Everyday, Isaiah and I walk to the mailbox to take a break from being inside all morning. Today, excitement flooded my being as I saw what was inside: a sweet little package from the lovely Jasmine Star! I love getting these little white padded envelopes with her so stylin mailing labels on the front. It means one thing: I'm getting something good!

Today's treat was more fabulous pictures from Shelley & Brett's wedding at Rancho Las Lomas & fun promo cards that I can hand out to new clients. I posted some pics of this wedding that I got from Jasmine's blog, but here are a few more beauties:


Unity Candle table:

More details:

Loved, loved these fun arrangements for the escort card table:

Yummy! Some fun bites from Craigs:

Some sweet photos of some incredibly sweet people:

Shelley & her mom aka my best friend (she gave me this title the week of the wedding!):

And to end it all off, a little sneak peak at a post to come:


Jasmine said...

if it means anything, i like SENDING things to you too! ;)

Meg Perotti said...

Are those spriiiinkles I spy??? Yummm :) Beautiful wedding, Courtney!

My Sweet & Saucy said...

Love your style...the wedding was absolutely beautiful!

Sarah Masciana said...

What a GORGEOUS wedding! You have some amazing talent there!

Anonymous said...

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