Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bad blogger!

I've been meaning to blog for the past three weeks... I have about 5 posts waiting to be put up. Things have been a bit crazy though. No excuses: I am going to get better at it! 

To start off my attempt to post more often, I've been tagged. I have yet to fill one of these out on my business blog, but this one grabbed me. Mainly because of the goals section. It has been helpful for me to write these out and hopefully, by posting them, I will be more committed to attaining them (and you all can get on me about it if I don't!). 

What was I doing 10 years ago? 

All things teenage girl: chasing boys, shopping, learning how to use instant messenger, dancing 12 hours a week, singing, performing in musicals, thinking I knew everything about everything :)  I actually knew my husband at this point, but was in no way interested in him. Many of the other girls in our church youth group were, but I looked right past him. For a few years anyway...

Things on my to-do list: 

I love to-do lists! I make them daily. 

This month:
*Start blogging more. My goal is going to be to post every monday, wednesday and friday.
*Make a new blog header 
*Choose a new intern
*Get Isaiah's room painted
*Repaint the antique china cabinet we inherited

This year:
*Figure out the whole being a mommy while working from home thing
*Relearn photoshop. I learned basics in college, but don't really remember
*Get more involved in volunteering with cancer organizations. I did a lot of advocacy and volunteering soon after I battled cancer but it has dwindled over the years. 
*Learn to use my sewing machine
*Read more- both business and personal
*Start taking a dance class again
*Really take a day off every week. Including checking email (!)

In my lifetime:
*Travel to England, Ireland and Italy
*Learn how to really play the guitar or the piano and write songs that aren't terrible
*To always remember who I am: a child of God, a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend- and letting that shape my priorities

Bad Habits:
*Obsessively checking my email (just ask my husband)
*I enjoy doing laundry, but I'm terrible at putting clothes away. I'll fold and sort them, but the stack that has to be hung usually ends up sitting on the floor for a couple of days.
*Drinking too much diet coke
*Leaving things in the car
*Getting my hopes up and then having a hard time adjusting my expectations

Places I've lived:
*Mission Viejo (I lived in the same house my whole life until I left for college)
*Los Angeles (in 2 different zip codes. I am so glad I don't live in LA anymore!)
*San Clemente (2 blocks from the beach...amazing)
*Aliso Viejo (Short lived, but sweet)
*Escondido (I'm done moving!)

Things most people probably don't know about me:
*I am extremely double jointed- I can turn my arm in a complete circle.
*Most people know that I am a cancer survivor, but here is a fun little fact you might not know: one of my friends that I had known since childhood, Amy, got diagnosed with cancer 2 weeks before I did. We had the same doctors and even got to be roommates in the hospital. We were in each other's weddings and are still good friends today! 
*My childhood dream was to be Annie in the musical Annie and Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz- I got to do both! I ended up performing in Annie 4 times... needless to say, I haven't seen it since.
*I cannot stand pickles or mustard.

Your turn! I tag:


JLP said...

duck, duck, duck

goose :)

Cristina said...

Yay! I guess I have a few blogger buddies :) I loved reading your answers...kinda fun to do those every now and again.

Shan said...

I'll get right on that............. (that will be the first thing on my to do list) :)

Kristen said...

this was so fun!! I LOVE to do lists as well - make one daily :o) I detest putting laundry away - i don't mind washing and drying it is getting it folded and put away. I am getting better because it drives Lance nuts!

We are coming to San Diego in June - we would love to connect if you are around. I fly in May 30th and Lance and the kids come on June 1 - we will be in town until the 4th of June. I have been training with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (they train me I raise money) for the Rock and Roll Marathon. My profile page has as email address on it.

I am going to work on the meme over the weekend!

angel said...

i loved reading this, and i look forward to seeing more blog posts from you. ;-) i'm excited to fill it out myself once the weekend is over. xoxo