Monday, April 21, 2008

dear papersource: you made my day.

As I mentioned last week, I love getting mail. One of my most favorite things to receive in my mailbox is the Paper Source catalogue. I quickly find a place to sit down and scour every page, taking in as much inspiration as I can. I am a paper lover and Paper Source is such an incredible resource for stationary, crafting supplies, decor ideas and gifts. I could spend hours upon hours in the store.

Except for the fact that there is not one in San Diego.

UNTIL SEPTEMBER!!! That is right my fellow San Diego residents who were forced to drive to Costa Mesa or order products online... the amazingness of Paper Source will be moving into Carlsbad in September. I was so excited when I read that, I was jumping up and down. My husband laughed at me. It's the little things :)

In honor of my joy, I decided to post some of their newest products that caught my eye.

First of all, if you are trying to plan a green wedding or event, paper source has you covered with 100% recycled paper products. They carry simple white or kraft paper stationary pieces, but also so many more fun prints. Here is one that I love. Wouldn't it be great for a wedding? They sell a premade guest book in this print as well.

Here are some super cute invites that are also eco-friendly:

How fun is this print?

These Vera Wang cards are breathtaking:
Some other fun offerings:

A step up from the traditional birthday candle: they have an assortment of fun colored skinny 6" candles- perfect for cupcakes! I love the chocolate brown, but they have bright cheery colors too.
One of my favorite Paper Source products are their paper flower kits. They are so cute! I have not mastered the art of putting them together yet, but I will one day :)
They just started selling these poppies:
I love this design:

I once saw a wedding published in which the bride had made her entire bouquet out of these paper magnolias. It was beautiful! I tried to locate the picture, but couldn't find it.
Fun flag banner kits. These would be so cute for a kid's birthday party.

A few more fun things to spend your money on:

Vintage cameras (Dianas & holgas)
(I'd love one of these! *hint, hint* *mothers day is coming up *hint, hint*)
I've had a couple of weddings where we had vintage holgas available for guests to snap pictures. So fun!

Cutie rubber duckies:

Yearbook printed paper? Yep, you can buy it by the sheet.

A tea bag for the bathtub. If a guaranteed quiet, relaxing bath comes along with it, then it is well worth the $3.95. (*another hint, hint... for me... husband...*)
These would be cute to put in a wedding welcome basket for out of town guests. Maybe along with the rubber ducky? :)

If you are a bride and have not checked out paper source yet, you need to. They have amazing invites- set designs and also custom letterpress- as well as paper suites in every color you could want. This is one of my favorite things about the store: you can get coordinating everything: cardstock, folded cards, envelopes, round labels, ribbon, escort cards and even their paper with designs coordinate with their solid colors. You can also get templates to make your own envelopes or envelope liners. They also offer wonderful workshops. Some favorites are invitations, calligraphy, wrapping (favor box ideas) and the even have designated wedding days.

If you do not live in San Diego, have no fear: you can order online or find one of their many other locations.

How many months until september?


Kristen said...

So fun! I haven't heard of this store- I love it! They have super cute stuff. I may have to spend some time on their website today. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Paper Source! We just moved from Orange County and they don't have one here. They're definitely one of my favorite stores ever.

Btw...I tried emailing you but it wouldn't go through...

Anonymous said...

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