Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where to share

I have recently been asked by clients where they can post reviews about my services. I love this! If you would like to post a review about us, we would be honored. Here are two places you can do it:

Project Wedding   (go directly to my list by clicking here)


Wedding Wire      (go directly to my listing by clicking here)

I think that reviews are a powerful way to help brides & grooms in their planning and vendor selection. So, if you have been recently married, spread the word! 

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Heather Moreau said...

Hi! I Just saw your comment on my blog about the Taylormade Party, so long ago! I just wanted to write to say that if your dad wants pictures of his lighting work, just tell him to email and I will send a disk:) Your work looks beautiful too, hopefully someday we will get to work together!
Heather~Vallentyne Photography