Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wedding Day Makeup Tips

No matter what her style, no matter what her budget, every bride wants to look amazing on her wedding day. One of the best ways to ensure that you look your best on your big day is to hire professional hair and makeup stylists that you trust.

Today, I am excited to introduce you to Amanda Peck, a very talented makeup artist out of Orange County. Amanda and I actually were good friends in Jr. High and I was so thrilled to hear that she decided to pursue professional makeup artistry because she has always had such a great artistic eye. Over the past couple of years, Amanda has been at the top of my recommendation list to my brides and today she has offered to share some of her insight and tips with our readers.

*Please tell us a little bit about yourself and why you like doing wedding makeup:
My name is Amanda Peck and I am a professional makeup artist based in Orange County. Makeup has been a passionate practice of mine over the past nine years. It brings me so much joy being able to make a bride feel and look her best on her wedding day.

*How far in advance should brides book a makeup artist? 
Brides should start looking for a makeup artist 3 to 5 months prior to their big day.

*Many brides feel like they can do their own makeup- whether it is to save money or because they want to look like they normally do. Why is it worth it to pay for a makeup artist? 
Even if you are a pro in your daily makeup, booking a professional artist is a must. Your daily makeup will not hold up for hours of photography, bright lights, hugging and tears. Trained artists apply makeup differently.  I use a combination of tricks involving contouring and highlighting which makes my brides appear stunning  in an intimate close-up shot as well as for the guests that are seated far from the altar.

*What is the benefit of having a trail run? When should it be scheduled?
I can’t stress enough the importance of a trial run. The makeup artist you decide to use for your wedding needs to be someone you’re comfortable with and whose results fit your personality and style of wedding. The only way to insure that is to consult an artist or two. I always recommend scheduling your trial on the same day as your engagement photo session. That way you can see exactly what the makeup will look like in professional photography.

*How heavy should the makeup be?
Your wedding day makeup should be about 40% heavier than your typical wear. Even if you are wanting a natural look, full coverage is still necessary for photography and to last through the ceremony and reception. 

*How much time should brides allot for their makeup application on the wedding day?
I alway tell my brides to block out a full 2 hours for makeup application. That amount of time allows for a non-rushed application, false lashes and a 30 minute buffer zone just in case.

*What should brides look for in a makeup artist as they are deciding between companies? 
One of the most important things a bride should look for when researching makeup artists is his/her past work. If you can’t find any photos of previous brides or professional photoshoots, I would recommend looking elsewhere. Check as to  whether or not the artist charges a travel fee, if they offer discounts for large parties, and if their costs fit within your budget. 

*Any tips for brides who decide to do their own makeup? 
If you decide to do your own makeup, I recommend finding a full coverage foundation, a bolder lip color than what you would normally wear and waterproof mascara. The photographer is a great person to consult with to see whether or not the makeup will provide enough coverage.

*Do you have any favorite wedding day makeup/beauty items?
My favorite wedding day items include a lipstick/gloss to match the color you and your artist decided on, translucent powder for touch ups, mints (no gum!), and tissue.  I provide all of these items for every bride I work with as a complimentary touch-up kit.

*Any other tips or insight you would like to share?

Two things I highly recommend:
First, false lashes. They make all the difference in photographs. It’s an extra touch of glamour that can be applied as natural or as dramatic as you desire.

Secondly, I highly recommend treating your bridal party to a makeup and/or hair session the day of the wedding. What could be a better way to thank your bridal party than providing them with a morning of pampering? It de-stresses everyone and is truly a bonding experience.

Thanks so much for your insight Amanda! Be sure to check out her website and blog , and you can also get a peak at her studio and graphic art here


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