Friday, July 03, 2009

Simple 4th of July Arrangements

Happy 3rd everyone!

I am not the most festive person in the world. I love holidays and I love decor, but after growing up in a household where my mother pulled out boxes and boxes of decorations for every single holiday, I tend to stay on the more simple (or as my mom would say, boring) side for the smaller holidays like 4th of July. If I decorate at all, I stick with a simple centerpiece or a view small accent items.

Here are some of my ideas for festive, simple patriotic decor. I threw these together yesterday using left over flowers from my wedding last weekend, so try to ignore the browning flowers :)

How it started: a tin can and fabric I purchased at Jo-Ann's for $3.50 a yard:
How it ended:

I decided to make it a little more fun and add some fireworks:
Which are really just straws that I purchased at target. I cut the top portion of the straw off and stuck them in the arrangement.

For the next one, I wrapped a vase in paper that I found at Michaels:

I also wrapped a bigger vase in the same fabric as the arrangement above and then made ribbon fireworks to spice it up:

I made the ribbon fireworks by tying 5 three inch pieces of ribbon around the top of a straw:

I also want to show a cute arrangement that my sister put together earlier this week. The blue paper wrapped vase was from our wedding on saturday and she added the ribbon details:

In addition to the arrangements, I whipped up these little babies:

Votive candles wrapped in a baby sock! I found the pair of socks in the $1 section at Target. All you have to do is fold the top of the sock inside so that it is the right height of the candle and slide it on. So so easy. I stole the idea from Hostess with the Mostess, which featured potted plants wrapped in socks a while back.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone!

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