Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hello Spring {or where in the world have I been}

I am back- it has been a busy week!

Target is killing me right now with their fun, fresh spring line. Here are some of my favorites, taken in horrible lighting with my point and shoot:

I love the colors, the peonies on the plate, the gift wrap, the bud vases, the flirtiness. I've been tempted to buy it all every time I swing in to buy dish soap or diapers. I have survived thus far, but you might be seeing some of these items in a certain event coming up soon :)

Happy Wednesday!


Simply Modern Weddings said...

stop it Courtney! You are going to make me go in Target and buy tons of stuff that I don't "need"! Cause I am so digging those green and white damask plates!

Erin said...

you should have seen me picking up conditioner and lingering near those plates... the only thing that would have been better, would be seeing Courtney taking pictures of it all! You're too cute!

barbara said...

ha! me too....the green ones! I forgot WHY I was in there the other day but it took me too long to get out.

Kiana said...

It's so hard not to buy everything I see in Target - they have the cutest stuff. I actually found my invitations there and they have peonies on them, they're great.

Chrissie said...

TodayI bought the pink plates and bowls to put in the girls' Easter basket.