Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Isaiah!

Last saturday, my little guy turned one. Can you believe it? I cannot understand how a year has already gone by- it is crazy! If you want to take a glimpse back at his first year of life, you can check out our family blog.

He loves anything and everything having to do with music, so we threw him a music/rock band party.  Here is a sneak peak into the party, with pictures by the wonderful Jenetta . (we will be posting more in a week or so once my hubby's computer gets back from the Mac hospital)

The invite:
My inspiration for the invites, and really the whole party, was the adorable paper by Die Cuts with a View . The main part of the invitation is not actually shown- we included a CD of all of Isaiah's favorite songs. I'll take a photo of it and post it soon with the track listing. Because of the CD, I had to come up with a cute way to make a CD holder. I decided a pocket design would be easiest and cutest. It was super simple to make as well. I cut the paper, folded in in half and then we stitched the sides with a sewing machine (and by we, I mean my mom... aka my personal seamstress!). I used a circle hole punch to make the opening slit and the glued on the graphic (which was so generously given to me by etsy seller Salmon Street Studio ). I used a lot of kraft paper for the party to give it a laid back, slightly retro feel. I also made Isaiah a party hat out of the paper:
It was one of my favorite details of the party- isn't it cute? It is way cuter on him though!
He was not as into it as I was- it only lasted a couple of minutes.
Friends of ours from church graciously allowed us to have the party in their park...err backyard. It is gorgeous and huge! 
A couple of shots of the cake and gift area.
I made a fun banner that said "happy 1st birthday isaiah". Inspiration from the adorable etsy seller, Polka Dots & Pirates .
The guitar cake was my biggest undertaking for the party. I love to bake, but usually stick to round or square types. Luckily, Wilton makes a guitar cake pan, purchased at Michaels. I was nervous the cake would stick to the pan when I tried to get it out, but some shortening and flour took care of that. I am pretty proud of how it turned out :)
I used licorice for the strings and frets and black fondant for the sound hole. Isaiah ate it very politely :) My sweet friend Shae baked some delicious coconut and vanilla-almond mini cupcakes. I frosted them with either cream cheese or butter cream frosting and topped them off with a fondant star.
I have been eating the left overs all week... Always a fan of lanterns:
For the kiddos, we set up play areas on the lawn. We made 4 different sections: the guitar section, the piano section, drum section and the "noise" section. Each had a big blanket and lots of fun toys and instruments to play with.
The signs were not staying in the ground well, so we got resourceful and grabbed some potted plants. 
We hung some pots & pans and let the kids bang away with wooden spoons. It was funny, but the kids that played with it the most were the big kids (the 8-12 year olds!)
Favor bags:

I made tags with each child's name on them, using my cricut. I don't have pictures of the actual favors yet, so you will just have to check back next week to see what they were!

Isaiah loved playing the bum floor tom drum and his little red piano. He even wanted to stop eating his cake so he could keep playing the piano.

More to come (food and other details). 
Happy birthday sweet one year old!
We love you!


Simply Modern Weddings said...

Happy birthday to your little cutie pie! That guitar cake is super cute. OMG the look on his face in the last pic...absolutely adorable!

Lemiga Events said...

Such an adorable party - and it looks like the kids were having so much fun!

Amanda Auer said...

That last picture is SO cute!!!

Ashley said...

Oh man, Isaiah is OWNING those drums! Such a territorial and fierce look in those photos. He is a BEAUTIFUL kid! Wow.

make a girl! make a girl!

Love you guys.


angel said...

happy birthday, isaiah!! this party looks soo perfect; you did a great job with the details! xoxo