Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I love the flower mart!

And Isaiah does too!

I have had to privilege of getting to attend 4 floral mock-ups in the past month. I love these because it gives us a sneak peak of the wedding day and also helps us make decisions as we see our ideas coming to life. If you are a bride, I would highly recommend talking to your florist about setting up a mock-up. This can be done at your wedding venue, at the florist's shop, or just about anywhere. It helps to bring in the linens you will be renting as well. Here is an example of how important this can be: For an incredible wedding I have coming up this month, we did a mock-up with the florist on site. We thought we had great linen options picked out, but when we saw them with the flower arrangements, it just didn't work. We work able to brainstorm what might look better from looking at the centerpieces, and now we are going to have a killer set-up!

I have pictures from a couple of the meetings but, unfortunately, my camera broke at the end of our Hawaii trip :( So, here is a picture from one of the mock-ups, taken on my iphone:
I love the pop of the colors!

More photos to come once my camera is fixed!

Happy Thursday!


Melissa said...

The pic from the flower mart is beautiful! Those flowers are to die for.

Christine said...

wow what a cool event to attend. the colors are amazing!

you are amazing with your writing and creative talent. thanks for sharing your heart and compassion along with your sassy flair!