Monday, June 23, 2008

Charissa & Jarryd's Engagement Pics

I almost did not post these.... it's not because of the couple, it's not because of the photographer... it's because of the location. You see, Charissa & Jarryd took their engagement photos at USC.

The first time I met Jarryd, he was wearing a USC hat. At our last meeting, I parked behind his car, which had a USC license plate. And now this. Charissa and Jarryd: if you could do me one favor, please just do not change your wedding colors to red & gold or hire the USC band to play. I don't know if I could do it.

In all honesty, I am so excited for their wedding this August at the amazing Richard Nixon Library. It is going to be beautiful! Check out how sweet they are, captured by John Partridge:

p.s. U.C.L.A....UCLA fight fight fight!


girlrobot said...

go bruins! :)

Jarryd Gonzales said...

By the way, the license plate reads," TRU2SC."

Courtney, despite your alma mater, you are wonderful.

Fight On, Trojans!