Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Back in action!

Hello hello...

I am back from my vacation up the California & Oregon coast. It was an amazingly beautiful trip filled with great food, great bonding and a ton of great pictures (a few of which should make an appearance on the blog sometime in the next week). Now it's back to weddings! I'll be posting some photos from recent weddings soon- I promise!

You can imagine my joy when I returned home to more problems with my server... (GoDaddy is on my bad list right now!) So- if your email gets bounced back to you saying that it could not be delivered due to spam or virus content, don't worry- you don't have a virus. Please just resend to the following email address: joyfulweddingsandevents@gmail.com. Thanks so much! Sorry for any inconvenience.

Happy (& a little sad) to be back,


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