Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My feet started swelling

It finally happened. I looked down at my aching feet at the end of a busy weekend and they had blimped up to twice their normal proportions. Yes, the swelling of the feet has begun. I couldn't stop looking at them! They were so fat! Thus begins my third trimester. Weddings are starting to slow down, but I have some great ones coming up! When I get home with a throbbing back, swollen feet and a 0% energy level, I remind myself that in a month & a half I will be on baby break :)

Any moms out there have tips for swelling feet? Or, any advice on maternity belts? I bought one but haven't used it yet- I keep forgetting and it looks funny under dresses. However, if they work- I am sure that it would be worth it. Let me know your thoughts!

On a different note, Sandy & Jesse, who are getting married next month at Aliso Creek Golf Course in Laguna Beach, had their engagement photos taken by the wonderful Jasmine Star. Here are a few- to see some more, check out her blog. They are a great couple and I am very much looking forward to their wedding!


Jasmine said...

I'm not pregnant, but my feet swell after weddings too! ;)
A warm bath filled with Epson salt and bubbles should do the trick! :)

lindsey cheney said...

raise your feet above your heart. just kick back on the couch with your feet on a couple pillows. also, drink lots of water throughout the day.