Thursday, November 09, 2006

Pat & Karen

Look at how happy these two look in the middle of the beautiful vineyards! What a privilege it was to help plan Pat & Karen's wedding at Firestone Winery up in Central California! A beautiful setting, a wonderful couple, and an extremely energetic group of guests- what a blast!

This wedding was an adventure for me because I also did all of the flowers as well. It was really exciting, but also an experience as I had to keep extremely delicate white flowers alive during a 5 hour drive north and an overnight stay in a hotel. The temperature inside of my car was literally about 60 degrees! I had to pull over at one point and take out a pair of my husbands socks to wear underneath my sandals!
Driving in an ice box aside, it was a beautiful weekend! What a gorgeous venue! The catering was amazing (RinCon Catering), the musicians were a kick, and David Gaston, the photographer, did a great job! Here are some of his photos from the event:

Our team hard at work:

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