Wednesday, February 04, 2009

10:41 Ramblings

Right now:
*I am pensive
*I am content
*I am in love
*I am smitten
*I am hopeful
*I am joyful

In the near future, I would like to:
*Learn how to really use a sewing machine
*Write a good song for someone special
*Go on a great date with my hubby
*Go to the movies (a very unusual event for parents of a 1 year old)
*Use my Cricut for a client's wedding
*Put up picture frames
*Finish unpacking
*Write up a new business plan
*Get my team together for a 2009 vision meeting
*Join a pilates class
*Take my son on daily trips to the park since we now have one across the street
*Become as debt free as possible
*Find Peppermint Ice Cream somewhere
*Save better
*Start dancing again
*Tithe and give to those in need more and more often
*Post pictures from our Winter Party! (next week!)
*Look back through all of my inspiration from The Special Event and put it to action
*Have an updated gallery section on our website (SOON!)

Eventually, I would like to:
*Write a book
*Start another small creative company (idea is in the works...)
*Not move again...except when we move again in 6 months... then I don't want to move again.
*Really learn how to play the piano or guitar
*Become a good cook
*Figure out how to balance being a mom and a small business owner
*Have another baby
*Go to Italy and England
*Make a scrapbook 
*Go back to New Orleans and visit more of the south (NEXT YEAR!!)
*Perform in a musical... I cannot believe it has been almost 5 years since my last full on show. 
*Have a studio space
*Go back to Africa and hug some kiddos

How about you?


Paige said...

I really like your blog! I like the photos, the creativity, the "life" it has!
I'd like to write a book someday too. I aspire to be a mother one day, maybe even in the near future and hope to be ablt to run a small business like you do.
I have some really great things going on right now and this blog just confirmed all of them. Thanks!

Suzy said...

Well I am not going to answer your question because I don't want to take up five pages with my own "ramblings". But I do want to tell you this: I really enjoy reading these kinds of posts, it give me a glimpse into your life and puts a smile on my face, I love how open and "all over the place you are". I hope you don't have to move again soon too, I am in the process and its no fun packing and unpacking boxes :)

JLP said...

whew.. you sound out of breathe

Denise said...

can i just hang out with you as you do all these things? and be inspired.