Friday, May 09, 2008

Yay for the wedding chicks!

On tuesday, Shan & I went to the launch party for the uber cool Wedding Chicks blog. It was held at Arroyo Trabuco and it was such a fun event! Here are a few pics by Louis Palos:

For more, check out the chicks blog.

Some of the fun details:

*The super popular & fun Foto Cabina. Aren't we cute?

*Yummy cupcakes from It's All About the Cake (shhh.. don't tell, but I took two!)

*Beautiful ice carving of the chick's adorable logo by Carving Ice.

*The new big thing: tasty mini donuts, cooked right on site by The Fry Girl. Sooo yummy! You can pick different flavored toppings. I loved the maple.

It was fun to celebrate this amazing blog and to meet up with friends in the industry and to meet a few other coordinators whose blogs I have been stalking :)

Congrats Amy & Jocey!


Kristen said...

looks like fun - love the photo booth pictures :o)

JLP said...

glad you got cupcakes :)