Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Taxes!

I hope you all are not having to deal with post office lines today. I will be momentarily- hooray for waiting to mail taxes until the last day! Honestly- I am just blown away that I got them done in time and didn't have to file an extension. I cannot take even half of the credit though. Here is a big shout out to my Uncle Ray- taxman extraordinaire! Also, for the record- owning your own business + having a spouse in ministry= extremely confusing taxes. I miss the days of getting a refund!

Anyway- enough about taxes. I am smiling for a bigger reason than having my taxes done. Contrary to popular belief, we are not having twins! After an Easter sunday filled with comments about how big my stomach is and assertions that we most definitely were going to have twins, we rushed into the Doctor's office to get her opinion. Upon hearing that we do have twins in our family, she rushed us in for an ultra-sound (YES! We were looking for any excuse to see this baby before the 20th week!). You cannot imagine our relief when the technician assured us that there was only one baby. And, for any of you who know my husband, I am sure you can imagine his child-like awe seeing a fetus for the first time. With a smile that could not be made any larger, he was nearly jumping up and down. It truly was an amazing experience- made the whole thing much more of a reality. I cannot believe that there is a baby growing inside of me! It is such a miracle! Only 7 more weeks and we'll get to find out if it is a boy or a girl!

In the meantime, if you look at my stomach and wonder why I am so big in the beginning of my second trimester, I am, as my doctor said it, "petite. With nowhere for this baby to go but out" :)

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